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S/Y Kailani is a Deerfoot 63 designed by Steve Dashew and built by Salthouse Brothers in New Zealand in 1990.  With a waterline length of 60' she is fast as well as sea kindly and safe.

Kailani Highlights and Kailani Line Drawing                 

To see Kailani in her element, check out this video shot by one of her crew on her 2010 Atlantic Crossing.

Kailani is a solidly built cutter rigged, cruising sailboat with the heart of an ocean racer.  In addition to her working sails she carries a light air reacher on a continuous furler, a storm try sail and a spinnaker in a sock.  Her primary and main halyard winches are electric power assisted.

Kailani is designed as an ocean passage maker to be sailed by a crew of two.  As such, she is equipped with two separate autopilots and all control lines are led aft to the cockpit. 

Navigation data are obtained through a fixed mounted GPS supplemented by two portable units and position information is recorde in the log and on paper charts.  She also carries a sextant and a set of sight reduction tables as a backup.  Weather information is obtained through weather faxes and other information received via HF radio.  Kailani also uses a shore based weather router to optimize route selection and the avoidance of adverse conditions.  She has a 24 mile radar with a remote unit in the cockpit.  She also has an Iridium satellite phone for use in emergencies or as a back up for acquiring weather information.

Safety equipment includes a 406 EPIRB and a Givens six man life raft equipped with a SOLAS offshore pack.   Her primary ground tackle is a 55 kg Rocna anchor shackled to 200 feet of 3/8 chain on an electric windlass with an additional 300 feet of nylon rode.  She also has 85 lb and 45 lb Fortress anchors with a combination of chain and rode as secondary ground tackle.

Kailani's creature comforts include a large refrigerator and separate freezer, air conditioning, microwave, water maker,  washer/dryer combo and a 6 kw gen set.  During ocean passages she is configured to sleep 5 including the captain, first mate and three participating crew members. Her appointments are best previewed in the following link :  Kailani Highlights

Ocean passage making can severly test marine systems, and breakdowns and failures are not uncommon even with carefully planned preventative maintenance. Kailani carries an extensive inventory of spare parts and tools and her regular crew  is skilled at making repairs at sea, but not all breakdowns are thus repairable. The essence of ocean passage making, however, is self reliance, and irreparable system failures provide opportunities for critical decision making.

To see Kailani in her element, check out this video shot by one of her crew on her 2010 Atlantic Crossing.