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Download, print out and complete the Application and Medical Questionnaire.  Scan these documents together with a COLOR copy of the main page of your passport and email these to (remove spaces in email address): application @ sailkailani. com.  Alternatively you may fax the documents to  +1 360 272 5052.

Within seven business days of receipt of your completed application Kailani Ocean Adventures may contact you for a telephone interview.  If you are subsequently accepted for a passage, a non-refundable payment of 50% of the passage cost is due within 72 hours of notification to be accompanied by a signed and notarized Rules of Conduct and Release.  The balance of the passage cost is due thirty days before the published departure.

Refund Policy: We do not refund amounts paid except under the following circumstances:

1. Kailani is unable to depart within 14 days of the planned departure date, in which case participants will receive a full refund of all costs paid to Kailani Ocean Adventures.  We are not responsible for airfare or other charges incurred by the participants as a consequence of Kailani's failure to depart; or

2. A participant cancels 60 days or more prior to the departure date and we are able to fill his or her berth in which case the participant will be refunded 75% of their deposit.

The cost of the passage includes a shared cabin bunk, meals aboard the yacht and all customs and port fees.  Applicable immigration expenses, visas, and bonds associated with travel within each country are the responsibility of the participant.  Personal expenses, satellite phone charges, air and ground transportation and food and lodging outside the dates of the passage are the responsibility of the participant.

What is a typical day like?  The ship’s day is broken down into a series of 2 to 3 hour long watches during which individual crew members have primary responsibility for the sailing of the boat.  During your watches you will be mainly in the cockpit keeping lookout for other ships, changing conditions and malfunctioning gear.  Depending upon your experience level you will stand your watches either alone or with a member of Kailani’s professional crew. Regardless of your experience level, a professional crew member is always close at hand.  Your off watch is the time to catch up on your sleep or to participate in the shared tasks of meal planning and preparation and general housekeeping on a rotating basis.Throughout the passage Kailani's professional crew will hold a series of one on one and group instruction sessions on a wide range of topics including communications, system maintenance and repair, sail set up and sail trim, navigation, weather forecasting and other relevant topics.  If you are not tired and have no assigned off watch responsibilities, you are free to relax. We carry a chess set, cards, backgammon and a cribbage board as well as a selection of DVDs for the portable DVD player.  Because other off watch crew members may be catching up on their sleep we ask that electronic entertainment be enjoyed with a headset.  Having said all that, there are always atypical days which are usually a result of bad weather.  In those cases watches will often be shortened and doubled up and the off watch responsibilities altered.

What should I bring? Do I need special gear?  The answer to the first question is, “Less than you think”.  Your clothing will depend on your passage. In the tropics you can easily get by on a couple of pair of lightweight quick dry shorts, three or four shirts and five pair of underwear.  Other than salt which gets everywhere on deck (and we go to great lengths to keep it from getting below), the open ocean is as clean an environment as you will experience. Kailani is equipped with a clothes washer and laundry is usually done at least twice a week. You need to bring all your personal toiletries including soap that can be used in salt as well as fresh water and all your own prescription drugs and OTC medications such as pain relievers. Also bring a copy of your prescriptions.  For colder climates packing is a little more involved.  Think layers starting with a couple pair of long underwear, fleece sweaters and wool or synthetic socks.  Upon being accepted for passage you will be given a package of information that will include a recommended list of clothing, personal items and required gear appropriate for the passage.  The cost of the required personal sailing gear if purchased at your local chandler should be less than $400.

Will I be able to communicate with friends and family? Kailani tries to maintain daily contact with her shore support using email via HF radio. Unfortunately this is a very narrow bandwidth with very slow up-link and down-link speeds so its use is generally limited to acquiring weather and port information. The captain or one of the crew will send out an update email with position reports and brief news of the crew every day or so, and shore support will forward these updates to any email address you wish to provide. There is a satellite phone that can be used to contact those ashore in an emergency.  By the same token if you provide the phone number and email address of our shore support to your friends and family, they can contact shore support who will in turn notify the boat.  Be aware that these types of communications are fragile and subject to a variety of potential problems including failure of the equipment, power outage or in the case of HF radio, poor propagation.  Please tell everyone that just because they have not heard anything in several days does not mean that we are in trouble.  It just means we are out of touch.

 What is the maximum number of crew you will take on?  We limit the number of participants to three on any passage.  There is typically at least one other professional crew member besides the captain.